Single Vehicle Approval
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Update: This was written 14yrs ago so is not relevant now but I have left it on for completeness and the amusement of current kit car builders!



Having built my car with the SVA firmly in mind I have done my best to ensure that it complied as I went along i.e. radiusing parts where necessary, checking seatbelt mounting height , fitting edge trims where necessary , fitting  plastic bolt covers, covering steering rack lock nuts with heater hose , using dome headed allen bolts , covering handbrake mechanism.

I also kept the Sierra steering wheel for the test as it has no sharp edges and because of its size you get a generous free zone of dash board to use (an area equating to your steering wheel diameter + 127mm).

My wing mirrors where only of the swing back variety , Summit from Halfords 10.99 each(if they fall within the plan of the vehicle they do not have to reset themselves automatically).

Side repeater lamps were mounted on the aluminium panelling , this is OK because there is a special dispensation ,you do not have to fulfil the 5 degree rear site line on this type of car (nevertheless Caterham still put their's on the front arches).


The Test

My Locost passed the S.V.A. on 18.9.00 at Mitcham Testing Station (South London),the only problems were :-

External Projections

1) Rear fog lamps had a sharp edge ,which could be remedied with insulating tape or silicone, also strictly speaking these should be vertically aligned which they are not if mounted straight onto back panel.

2) Lock nut for top front suspension joint  was contactable with the 4" half sphere, remedied by wrapping it with a strip of dash vinyl and taping with insulating tape (it looked so good I left it on !!!).


1) 3 wires had an unsecured length of over 12" , therefore 3 cable ties fixed that !.

The test took approximately 4 hours and although not the best fun you can have the examiners were helpful and sensible (that's not their names!)


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svacar2.jpg (56660 bytes) svaramp.jpg (48611 bytes) svacar1.jpg (48227 bytes) svasusp.jpg (42995 bytes)
svakit.jpg (29283 bytes) catchcover.jpg (27597 bytes) squashball.jpg (28762 bytes) svakit2.jpg (26463 bytes)

Test Data

Vehicle Centre Of Gravity                     250cms above ground

Front Axle Weight (without driver)      338kgs                  

Rear Axle Weight  (without driver)      317kgs                

Therefore Vehicle weight                      655kgs (inc, 6 gals of fuel)

Calculated   Laden Weights (front)        380.81kgs   

"                         "             "     (rear)        424.19kgs

Gross Calculated Weight                       803kgs



The registration process has been a bit of a nightmare it took nearly 3 months to get my chassis number issued , and dealing with the local VRO was very difficult , It's pretty annoying when it becomes obvious that they do not understand their own regulations regarding 'kit cars' , my best tip would be to use their fax number as this seems to give direct access (the phones are centralised to Swansea and your message is relayed by fax, hence use the fax number).

However when I submitted my MAC certificate +85 road tax ,25 registration fee to Wimbledon VRO I was given an age related plate and tax disc for my car.