Optional Extras
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I made the full size template out of MDF so as I could judge the styling made a metal frame out of 1"x1/8" flat (the front edge and brace under the window)and 3/8" round rod positioned approx. 1/2" in from the edge of the template so that the cloth could be sewn either side of the frame, I also included a flap on the front edge of approx 1" which folds back on itself to form a seal behind the screen support and against the scuttle panel


Footrest / Toolbox

As the Locost design has fairly generous length in the footwells if you're my height ( 5ft 6ins) I decided to make a lockable aluminium box with a foot friendly angle on the front of it ,this provides a useful lockable space for a small hydraulic jack and some spanners etc. I first cut a piece of 1" ply as a base then folded up the ally to suit ,then pop riveted the ally in to the side of the plywood!!!, this seems to work OK, the reason I used ply was to give a firm base to bolt to the floor, I also pop riveted an off cut of 1" square tubing to the front so that it could rest against the bulkhead ,which is welded to the front of the chassis tubes, otherwise the box would be unsupported when a lot of weight was put upon it. You can get the little deadlock from most hardware/locksmith shops ( about 5). A great way to use up some of those off cuts..............



I have fabricated a rectangular aluminum box which fits in the area directly behind the seats to carry luggage ,tonneau's etc


Inexpensive Emergency Hood

I wanted a hood for my car in case I where caught in bad weather ( in the UK no chance!!!). The traditional 'Caterham' type design is complicated to make ,expensive to have made ,and you need extra hood irons,it's just not in the 'Locost' tradition, so I got to thinking about a 'Lotus Elise' type small hood using only the screen and the roll bar for supports (as in 'Dutton Phaeton'). I made it in three sections ,a main centre section and two side dart shape pieces to drop down over the top of the sidescreens, they are sewn together and hemmed at he edges ,the rear edge also has another turn up to form a pocket (approx 2"), this is for the rear tensioning system!!. The front is fastened by a series of poppers ,the male poppers where already on my 'Caterham ' screen, if you have to fit your own be careful drilling as you may catch the screen glass. To fasten the rear and keep tension , I used a piece of 3/4" round tubing ,bent to the same shape as my roll hoop, when inserted in the hood pocket this should just sit behind the roll bar with the hood in correct tension. On this tube I welded two small tags with holes in the protrude through the rear edge of the hood pocket, these are to hook a giant bungee strap ,this then goes down round the spare wheel carrier and back to the hood. This keeps the hood fabric under steady tension, although the roof span is quite long this works very well and I have no problems regarding the hood flapping about. Although the rear is open to the elements it is behind your head so you stay dry, if this had been a problem I was going to cut a piece of ' sidescreen window' and fix it to the front of the roll bar with poppers. With the sidescreens ,lefthand tonneau and hood on it is very cosy in there, sometimes too hot, also depending on your size you will have to practise getting in and out!!!! But once your in you can pretend you are at Le Mans. When not in use it rolls up and sits on top of the fuel tank under the tonneau , I think 'The Flintstones' gave me this idea!!!